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most job oriented degrees 2013

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Career Planning for Students, job oriented degrees, job field, jobs and careers in india, jobs in india, most job oriented degree 2013, most job oriented sector 2013, degrees and education In 2013, degrees in the science, healthcare and business sectors are steadily on the rise. This is proof that not all degrees are created equal. Many of these degrees are versatile and can prove integral to a variety of careers. Here is a look at five of the top degrees for 2013 that are in high demand and could net the greatest worth.

Bachelor's degree in Business Administration

A bachelor's degree in business administration is a versatile degree that can be applied to a variety of careers due to its diverse core knowledge. Some of the areas that a Bachelor of Business Administration covers include marketing, business law and ethics, and economics. This degree primes you for the business world and provides the skills and knowledge that top employers are seeking right now.

Bachelor's degree in Forensic and Criminal Science

Another degree in high demand is a bachelor's degree in forensic and criminal science. This degree can lead to a number of different career paths including forensic engineer, crime laboratory analyst and more. A degree in forensic and criminal science allows you to investigate crime from behind the scenes. Due to the growing levels of violent crime in North America, which rose 18% in 2011, this is one field that will stay in demand for quite some time.

Bachelor's degree in Accounting

While computers can do many wonderful things, most companies aren't willing to let a computer handle their finances completely. It is for this reason that a bachelor's in accounting will remain in high demand. All companies, from the smaller mom-and-pop stores to the corporate giants, could benefit from the assistance and expertise of an accountant. Accountants are needed in all lines of work and fields, from healthcare to retail, and there are plenty of opportunities available for graduates.

Bachelor's degree in Healthcare Administration

Another degree that is in increasingly high demand is a bachelor's degree in healthcare administration. This degree will give you the skills you need to succeed as the administrator of a healthcare facility and home in on your leadership potential. There are plenty of roles you can move into with a bachelor's for healthcare administration. Some of the facilities that hire individuals with a bachelor's degree in this field include healthcare facilities such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and urgent care clinics, insurance companies, and state public health agencies. While many jobs are being replaced by today's technology, healthcare is not one of them.

Bachelor's degree in Engineering

Thanks to the technological boom, the demand for qualified engineers is at high demand. A bachelor's in the field of engineering will provide a strong foundation for a future in various engineering specialties, including chemical engineering, aerospace engineering and Technology Management. A bachelor's degree in engineering is a highly sought-after degree that can be applied to a variety of different positions.

The bottom line

Selecting a degree that is in high demand can help ensure that you will be able to secure a solid position once you have graduated from college. Landing a job in the field of your choice is easier said than done, that is why it is vital to pursue a field that is high in demand, and the degrees listed above will have an edge in helping you find a steady job when you enter the business world. 


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