Saturday, 7 June 2014

Google’s Latest SEO Algorithms

As a Digital marketing Expert with great three year experience, I am sharing my opinion about the importance of PPC or Google AdWords for business promotion.Because i am doing PPC or Google AdWords, so i can understand its importance for business.

Google had created Penguin to run free around Internet a few years back till today but few knows the reason behind Penguin’s being unleashed. Penguin acts one of the important roles of Google’s algorithm. It has always performed for right backlink-builder for the sake of users.
google-uniGoogle’s guidelines say: -
•    Overly-promotional backlinks are not meant to be around Internet.
•    Right informative links should once to be developed and that’s too to be linked to relevant sites.
•    For instance, if it is a link about a Mobile phone service then it should not be linked to all other irrelevant sites (e.g., to any food or dress sites) just to be clicked by the user. Google strictly penalizes overly-promotional backlinking.
It says that in the race of getting higher ranking, search engine optimization specialists make the best use of finance to distribute their links to all other irrelevant sites and the one with user friendly information is left behind due to lack of financial backup.
•    Hence, each link-builder must develop relevant and limited links without spreading them to all around unnecessarily.
•    And, if someone executes such activities then it goes against Google’s guidelines and fall under the label “Black Hat SEO.” Every backlink must have deep-relevance to each other.
This is what Penguin has been unleashed for by Google. It roams around Internet and finds out such practices and decreases the ranking of those sites right away. Then, there is another recent re-modification in Google’s guidelines which came out as “Hummingbird.”
HummingbirdWhat hummingbird stands for? –
Yes! Google has changed its way of working for the search engine optimization users once again. Now, it is time to scratch head before SEO experts go for phrasing keywords.
•    Earlier, anyhow, Google used to allow meaningless keyword-searching procedure e.g.  Affordable-mobiles-India or Australia. Google is no more going to accept such kind of keyphrasing.
•    Now, it needs keywords with relevant meaning, no matter how long-tailed keywords, it’s going to be, but it should carry a grammatically correct meaning and user-friendliness for the convenience of user.
•    Google is now making the uses of “Stop Words, e.g. in, the, at, of, for and etc” The keyphrasing must be of more than two phrases “e.g. Best and affordable mobile phones in India or any other place.” This re-modification in the guidelines has been relabeled by Google as “Hummingbird.”
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